B2B Lead Conversion Metrics for Comparison

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B2B Lead Conversion Metrics for Comparison

Two common questions in B2B Lead Generation and Appointment Setting for complex sales are:

  1. What would be a good qualified lead to sale conversion rate?
  2. Quality – How many sales opportunities were good?

The following may help you establish a benchmark or as a tool to compare your current lead conversion metrics.  This is an example of a high-quality B2B Lead Generation / Appointment Setting Program.

A client of a Minecor B2B Qualified Lead Generation Program took a result "snapshot" to analyze the outcome of previously transitioned Qualified Leads, regardless of who won the business. The result:

  • 63% Closed Revenue (Either by Minecor client or competitor)
  • 24% Sales Cycle extended or on hold status
  • 13% Fall-out (project was cancelled or not qualified)

note: All leads were BANT (budget, authority, need, timeline) qualified and came with a set appointment/conference call as part of the transition criteria. sample lead

It goes without mention that the numbers will continue to progress as the timeline continues.  For example, after a couple months, a ihigh percentage of  the qualified leads transitioned within category "Sales Cycle extended or on hold" should fall into the "Closed Revenue" segment.