Is B2B Cold Calling Still Effective?

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Is B2B Cold Calling Still Effective?

Referrals are the most effective means to obtain qualified sales leads.  The second most effective means to obtain qualified sales leads is through cold calling.  This is based on a study by the Wellesley Hills Group in Framingham, Mass. featured in Business Week article, titled “Is Cold Calling Really Dead?”  Companies surveyed reported their top ways to generate new leads: 22 percent – referrals from clients or partners; 16 percent – general referrals; and 13 percent – cold calling.

It has been true for years that people buy from people, so there is always a factor of relationship that is present within the sales cycle of a complex sale.  Cold calling is the best way to establish a connection and even more effective when combined with other mediums such as email.  The optimum way to use multiple mediums successfully, in our experience as an expert in b2b lead generation, is to perform contact at a peer-to-peer level and not to solely depend on technology without the human touch. 

Our b2b lead generation metrics show that calls and personalized email in close proximity are 6 times more effective than solely placing calls and 15 times more effective than email alone.

It is also important to establish a relationship with the buyer before your competitor.  But if the competitor gets there first, it is important to be a “value add” to the buyer by providing assistance and useful information.  So whether you perform strategic cold calling in-house or through a professional b2b telemarketing services company, if it is done correctly using best practices, b2b cold calling can result in tremendous success stories.