B2B Marketing Automation Software Platform Now Offered by Minecor

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B2B Marketing Automation Software Platform Now Offered by Minecor

Austin, Texas - October 24, 2011 - A marketing automation platform is now available as an option within Minecor's B2B lead generation services. This proven SaaS marketing automation system is designed to move sales prospects through the pipeline through lead nurturing, lead management, lead scoring, business intelligence & actionable alerts.


As part of their services, Minecor drives the marketing automation platform by performing the design and workflow, implementation and monitoring of marketing campaigns based on best practices that are proven to deliver results. "By coupling marketing automation with Minecor's human touch to prospects at the right times, we can deliver improved performance of our client’s sales pipeline over time. Also, the ability to provide co-administration to our clients allows greater flexibility, fast approval and risk-free migration.” states Minecor's Chief Marketing Officer, Steve Cunningham.

About Minecor

Minecor is an outsourced B2B Sales & Marketing company structured to be an integrated extension of our clients’ Sales and Marketing organizations. Privately held and located in Austin, Texas, Minecor is a professional B2B sales lead generation services firm specializing in driving and influencing incremental revenue through integrated Sales and Marketing support. Minecor knows what it takes to develop finely tuned target markets, deliver highly qualified B2B sales opportunities, sell products and services, up sell and cross sell existing customers and gather key Market Intelligence. Minecor focuses on working with B2B Technology, Pharmaceutical & Bio-tech, and Financial Services companies with complex products and services.

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