Healthcare Management Software Company Expands Services with Minecor

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Healthcare Management Software Company Expands Services with Minecor

Austin, Texas – June 1, 2010 - Minecor, an outsource B2B sales and marketing company that develops sales pipelines for B2B complex sales, today announced that it has been awarded a contract expansion for its B2B Sales Lead Generation Services from a current client that provides healthcare management software solutions.

The existing Minecor B2B Sales Lead Generation Program provided not only a pipeline of qualified B2B sales opportunities but also a valuable Market Intelligence Report that was compiled by data gathered straight from the qualified IT buyers within North America.  The report gave competitive intelligence including the prospects’ installed base and age of current system, level of competition being faced, demographics that generated the most B2B sales opportunities and appointments, brand awareness within target market, and a lead win-loss analysis.  This software giant will launch a new Minecor B2B Sales Lead Generation Program and expand the dimension of Minecor services to compliment the success of the current program.

"Our tremendous effort and B2B sales lead generation expertise have met this client's expectations as noted in a recent five star review on, and we are excited to have been awarded another agreement to expand our B2B sales lead generation services," states Minecor's Chief Marketing Officer, Steve Cunningham.  

About Minecor

Minecor is an outsourced B2B Sales & Marketing company structured to be an integrated extension of our clients’ Sales and Marketing organizations. Privately held and located in Austin, Texas, Minecor is a professional B2B sales lead generation services firm specializing in driving and influencing incremental revenue through integrated Sales and Marketing support. Minecor knows what it takes to develop finely tuned target markets, deliver highly qualified B2B sales opportunities, sell products and services, up sell and cross sell existing customers and gather key Market Intelligence. Minecor focuses on working with B2B Technology, Pharmaceutical & Bio-tech, and Financial Services companies with complex products and services.

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