Minecor Delivers 1800 Percent Return with its B2B Lead Generation Program

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Minecor Delivers 1800 Percent Return with its B2B Lead Generation Program

Austin, Texas – February 2, 2010 - Minecor today announced that it has reached a major milestone for a B2B complex sales client selling enterprise infrastructure solutions. The Return On Investment (ROI) for this client has reached over 1800% as a result of the transitioned qualified sales leads developed from the Minecor lead generation program.

The average sales cycle for this complex sale ranges from 6 months to over one year. The average enterprise sale can range from $50,000, on the low-end, and into the millions on the high-end. The milestones of tracked revenue are charted below:

5.1 times ROI within 12 months
15 times ROI within 19 months
18 times ROI within 25 months (1800% ROI)

One key factor in obtaining substantial rates of return on a B2B complex sales lead generation program is developing a strong relationship with the prospects/buyers. This is done via multiple human touch points throughout the sales cycle.  “Minecor’s strength, beyond just having personnel with industry experience, is to have dedicated Sales Specialists,” states Minecor’s CEO, Gregory Sherrill. “The Minecor personnel initializing the relationship with the buyer is the same person fostering the deal all the way to the transition point with the client’s sales force. Operating seamlessly with our client and striving for optimal customer satisfaction ensures our lead generation success all the way to the Purchase Order.”

Minecor will continue to break new revenue barriers as the client timeline continues as its lead generation efforts show quoted deals totaling nearly three times of the tracked ROI.  This is evidence that successful lead generation for complex sales takes expertise and dedication that will pay back in multiples over time.

About Minecor

Minecor is an outsourced B2B Sales & Marketing company structured to be an integrated extension of our clients’ Sales and Marketing organizations. Privately held and located in Austin, Texas, Minecor is a professional B2B sales lead generation services firm specializing in driving and influencing incremental revenue through integrated Sales and Marketing support. Minecor knows what it takes to develop finely tuned target markets, deliver highly qualified B2B sales opportunities, sell products and services, up sell and cross sell existing customers and gather key Market Intelligence. Minecor focuses on working with B2B Technology, Pharmaceutical & Bio-tech, and Financial Services companies with complex products and services.

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