Minecor Launches NEC Unified Solutions New UNIVERGE VoIP Solution

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Minecor Launches NEC Unified Solutions New UNIVERGE VoIP Solution

Austin, Texas – September 26, 2005 - Minecor announces that one of the world's most successful techology manufacturers, NEC Unified Solutions, has selected Minecor as a partner with the launch of NEC's new Univerge VoIP solution.

Minecor was selected to work with NEC Unified Solutions Sales and Marketing organizations to create and implement a combined Revenue Generation and Market Awareness Program. Working with NEC's Marketing and Sales Team, Minecor will be a key partner by generating increased revenue and driving market awareness for the manufacturer's new product line. By continually analyzing the Sales and Marketing Data Capture Process, Minecor will be able to supply valuable Market Intelligence to NEC. This Market Intelligence will enable NEC to review the product offering, set against the marketplace, and adjust any product or Market approaches with the value proposition.

"Minecor was chosen by NEC to execute a program for this well-known technology manufacturer," Minecor's CEO, Gregory Sherrill says. "The program will drive initial sales and help establish Market acceptance. Minecor will not only create product demand and awareness, but our representatives can actually facilitate closure directly with the customer. Minecor's constant refinement of this program will lead to a better return-on-investment and an accelerated sales cycle for NEC."

This initial program with Minecor will provide additional Sales and Marketing Intelligence for this tier-one manufacturer. Besides focusing on Revenue, the Market Intelligence will give NEC insight for the new product and its' road map.

Since NEC also produces a wide range of technologies, Minecor believes that other product lines could benefit from similar programs. Minecor's Sherrill adds: "Our company has the Sales and Marketing experience to support technology companies of all sizes, whether hardware, software, or services. We know how to adapt to our customer's needs."

About Minecor

Minecor is an outsourced B2B Sales & Marketing company structured to be an integrated extension of our clients’ Sales and Marketing organizations. Privately held and located in Austin, Texas, Minecor is a professional B2B sales lead generation services firm specializing in driving and influencing incremental revenue through integrated Sales and Marketing support. Minecor knows what it takes to develop finely tuned target markets, deliver highly qualified B2B sales opportunities, sell products and services, up sell and cross sell existing customers and gather key Market Intelligence. Minecor focuses on working with B2B Technology, Pharmaceutical & Bio-tech, and Financial Services companies with complex products and services.

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