Supply Chain Solutions Leader Expands Minecor's B2B Lead Generation Services

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Supply Chain Solutions Leader Expands Minecor's B2B Lead Generation Services

Austin, Texas – January 8, 2010 - Minecor, a provider of outsourced business-to-business sales and marketing support, today announced a client’s extension of agreement for B2B lead generation services.  The client’s software solutions are designed to work with a company’s ERP and existing enterprise applications such as Oracle ® and SAP ® to fully integrate supply chain execution and collaboration.  After Minecor’s successful delivery of its sales ready leads quota, this client extended the service agreement and doubled the number of dedicated Minecor Sales Specialists on their lead generation program.

Minecor proved their ability to understand complex sales and build relationships with high-level executives that control supply chains at mid to large companies.   The first step in this multi-step process was to identify/verify key decision-makers as well as learn the buying process within targeted companies.  Minecor Sales Speciailsts accomplished this by engaging in conversations with key executives to understand the challenges they faced and how they handled it within the current infastructure.

Another tribute to Minecor’s successful B2B lead generation service is their ability to target specific verticals.  Minecor’s IT and database team built a contact list based on a Target Profile that is completed with through client consultation.  The Target Profile consists of all attributes that makeup the ideal customer including company size, contact titles, and other intelligence gathered in Minecor’s proprietary database of 750,000 contacts.   This process ensures that goals can be met with a predefined amount of resources.

“We are pleased with our lead generation performance as we continue to strive towards even better conversion ratios,” said Gregory Sherrill, Minecor’s CEO.  “We have a proven process that delivers results and a team of exceptional individuals that take great pride in delivering the best for our clients.”

About Minecor

Minecor is an outsourced B2B Sales & Marketing company structured to be an integrated extension of our clients’ Sales and Marketing organizations. Privately held and located in Austin, Texas, Minecor is a professional B2B sales lead generation services firm specializing in driving and influencing incremental revenue through integrated Sales and Marketing support. Minecor knows what it takes to develop finely tuned target markets, deliver highly qualified B2B sales opportunities, sell products and services, up sell and cross sell existing customers and gather key Market Intelligence. Minecor focuses on working with B2B Technology, Pharmaceutical & Bio-tech, and Financial Services companies with complex products and services.

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